Textile Bug Brooch DIY

Textile Bug Brooch DIY

Make your own Textile Bug brooch with this cute DIY tutorial! Using a small scrap of fabric and some beads, create this unusual wearable soft sculpture, perfect for Halloween!

Its the beginning of autumn here in the UK, which means three things. 1. I will get sick (that happened last week, so check) 2. People start mentioning c.h.r.i.s.t.m.a.s, and 3. Everywhere is full of scary and gaudily coloured Halloween costumes. The first two, I just have to roll with, but the third I try and turn it around into something more stylish – a pretty Halloween. Think gothic, dark florals and pumpkins rather than skeletons, witches and fake blood. To get an idea of my ideal Halloween aesthetic follow my ‘Pretty Halloween’ pinterest board. Read more

French Beaded Flower Brooch Tutorial

It is fast approaching spring here in the UK and it’s also nearly Mothers Day (or Mothering Sunday) so I am celebrating the two events in this tutorial to make a beautiful beaded flower brooch!

french beaded flower brooch tutorial

This brooch uses a technique called French Beading, which despite the name, is thought to have originated in Venice in the 16th Century. The method uses fine wire strung with tiny glass seed beads to form 3d flowers. It became especially popular in Victorian England, but fell out of favour due the technique being associated with the creation of funeral wreaths! Now French beading is often used in making bouquets and favours for weddings, as well as for all year round floral arrangements. I mean, flowers you don’t need to water? Sounds good to me! Read more