Fluffy Pom Pom Bag / Key Charm

Fluffy Pom Pom Bag / Key Charm

Use wool roving to make a giant fluffy pom pom that can be made into a bag charm, key chain, a Christmas decoration or even for the top of your hat!

Giant fluffy ¬†pompoms are everywhere right now, from jewellery to bags. Because I make and teach needle felting, I have lots of wool roving (or unspun wool) and realised it would make great pom poms! If you have a large pom pom maker feel free to use it, however the roving is so chunky you don’t really need it! Read more

Faux Leather Bow Tie Accessories

Use some gold faux leather to create bow tie accessories that can be added onto hairbands, bracelets or belts!

Faux Leather Bows

When I got my copy of the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine, I was immediately in love with the cover gift of gold faux leather, and the idea of making bows out of them was just too tempting! Instead of using their tutorial to make the bows, I used a template I designed some time ago to make my own, as I had a very special use in mind for the bows. Read more