Faux Leather Bow Tie Accessories

Use some gold faux leather to create bow tie accessories that can be added onto hairbands, bracelets or belts!

Faux Leather Bows

When I got my copy of the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine, I was immediately in love with the cover gift of gold faux leather, and the idea of making bows out of them was just too tempting! Instead of using their tutorial to make the bows, I used a template I designed some time ago to make my own, as I had a very special use in mind for the bows. Read more

Natural Christmas Decorations

Pine Cone and Feather Christmas Decorations

As much as I like some glitter and metallic sparkle, I have come to appreciate the more natural Christmas decorations of Scandinavian style in recent years. These pine cone and feather decorations can be used as individual ornaments, strung together as a garland or even as part of a door wreath.  And it was only after I started making them that I realised I had inadvertently created a Christmas version of the snitch from Harry Potter. Clearly my subconscious Potterhead is escaping! Read more

DIY Pearl Stud Earrings

These DIY Pearl Stud Earrings are so simple to make, and only require beads and some wire!

Simple DIY Pearl Stud Earrings-1

Pearl Studs never go out of fashion. Making your own normally requires gluing special half drilled pearls and stud fittings with a cup base and pin together. But with this easy tutorial, you can use any pearl beads and just some basic plated wire. Read more

Dreamcatcher Bracelet

Create this dreamcatcher inspired, chakra style bracelet! This DIY only uses two supplies – a link and some thread!

Dreamcatcher Inspired Chakra Style Bracelet DIY

I’ve had seen various dream-catcher DIY crafts around since summer and wanted to translate that into jewellery, but never quite got around to creating anything. I had kind of forgotten about it until my fave show, Once Upon a Time, had a story involving dreamcatchers. Yes, another Once inspired make. I know, my geek is showing. Lets just make the pretty jewellery shall we? Read more

DIY Beaded Cat Ears

DIY Beaded Cat Ears

Don’t settle for the standard furry cat ears this Halloween, DIY your own stylish beaded cat ears headband instead!

DIY Beaded Sparkly Cat Ears

When it comes to fancy dress parties, Halloween and New Years, I’m not great at coming up with costume ideas so I usually fall back on dressing up as a cat. It makes sense as the owner of two myself. Having made myself a felt pair a few years ago, I decided to upgrade to this far more elegant version. Read more

Beginners Drawing Tutorial

This weeks post is a bit different – I’m getting back to my Fine Art roots with an art tutorial! A quick series of 4 drawing exercises to help you begin to draw.

Beginners Drawing Tutorial

I have wanted to do this for ages and decided that as October sees the Campaign for Drawing organise The Big Draw (with events all over the world to encourage people to draw) this was the perfect time to get around to it!. The first thing people usually say to me when they hear I studied Fine Art is ‘ooh you must be very good at drawing!’ Well, I’m not. I actually find drawing really difficult,  and much prefer to paint or take photographs. But I CAN draw. In fact everyone can. Read more