Macrame Rope Rainbow Pattern (Digital)



A 25 page full-colour downloadable PDF pattern and tutorial to make a macrame rope rainbow wall hanging. The wall hanging in the example makes a rainbow 12cm (5 inches) across, but the pattern can be used for a wide variety of yarn and cord thicknesses!

A true macrame rainbow, you will learn how to tie 5 different macrame knots over chunky cord. Suitable for complete beginners, the tutorial goes through how to tie each knot step-by-step, with detailed photographs and written instructions. There is still enough to keep those with some macrame experience happy, with some more unusual knots to learn!

This Macrame Rope Rainbow is a brilliant stash-buster pattern; most of the knots use less than 3 metres of yarn! You can use a variety of yarn or cord types and weights,from DK wool to waxed cotton jewellery cord to chunky macrame cords. The inner cord can be anything from 5mm to 10mm in diameter. A twisted rope or chunky cord is needed to create the fringe, but braided cords and knitted yarns will still work! Even things like curtain tie-back cord and DIY ropes can be used. Take a look a my Macrame Supplies post for suggestions. The example is done in Rico Creative Cotton Aran yarn over Rico Creative Cotton Cord.


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