Getting Started with Macrame: Basic Macrame Knots and Beyond

Getting Started with Macrame is a colourful, modern guide to making macrame jewellery. You will learn all the basic macrame knots, including sliding knots and three macrame bracelet projects. Designed for both the complete beginner as well as those who have dabbled before, but want a how to macrame guide to refer to.

Getting Started with Macrame download from Make and Fable

This slimmed down version of my full 73-page Modern Macrame book is a beginners guide to making macrame jewellery.

You will get:

-A downloadable PDF with 30 full colour pages including:

-A complete guide to materials and tools.

-A comprehensive “Knot Library” on how to tie basic macrame knots

-Lots of top tips including stopping cord from unravelling, how to finish macrame, attaching jewellery findings and getting that all important perfect fringe!

-Three ways to create sliding knots

-Three macrame bracelet patterns to get you started

This forms the first part of my Modern Macrame Jewellery and Accessories eBook, which goes on to feature a further 18 macrame jewellery projects to try! Perfect if you want lots of bright and colourful projects to practise the basic macrame knots with. You can also purchase all the projects separately, allowing you to cherry-pick your favourites.