Being Creative : How to fail at craft and carry on

I can’t not be creative, its such a large part of who I am that choosing to study fine art at university seemed the obvious option for me. But I understand that being creative doesn’t come as naturally to everybody. And that is partly why I blog, not just as a place to document my creativity, but to share it with others. I want to encourage, to nurture peoples creativity, especially when they don’t believe they have any in the first place. I hear so many people say that they aren’t creative. And that makes me a bit sad, because for me, creating is vitally important to my quality of life and I feel people are missing out.  To create is life affirming, it gives your imagination somewhere to go and distracts you from the mundane of everyday life. I truly believe that everybody is creative. Yes, being creative is something you can get better at it, learn more about, will suit some crafts more than others, but I believe the creativity is always there somewhere. 

Being Creative or How to Fail at Craft and Carry On

But just because it is what I studied and what I do for a living, doesn’t mean that everything I try comes out beautifully. When I am experimenting with ideas for craft DIYs for this blog, sometimes, things just don’t work out. Ideas that seemed great in my head, just don’t work when I try them out. I suspect many of you have seen something on Pinterest, tried it out and suffered a ‘Pin-fail’. You know, it looks great when the blogger does it, you try and it look like a 2 year old made it? Yeah. In fact, one such experience prompted me to write this blog post. You may have seen the technique of swirling nail polish onto water then dipping mugs or paper in. Well, I was trying to use nail polish to marble beads. Except it just didn’t work. No matter how quickly I worked, the nail polish just clumped together instead of swirling in a pretty pattern. I mean, just look at them….

Being Creative - Marbling fail

And you know what, its ok, because having stuff fail is part of the creative process. Being creative is about trying things out, not creating one perfect thing. The very basic definition of creative is ‘marked by the ability or power to create‘, and the definition of create is ‘to bring into existence‘. I brought these beads into existence. Before they were plain wooden beads, left over from my beaded Christmas wreath project. The result might not be what I have imagined, I might not consider them perfect, but they are here and I enjoyed the process of creating them. I will try again.  You have to start somewhere, and its OK to start by following instructions. And that kind of how I hope people will use the tutorials I write for this blog. As a starting point. I love it when people use different colours and patterns than in my example, because it shows that they are injecting their own personality and creativity into the project! You learn by experimenting, by failing and then carrying on.


I want to hear your experiences of a craft fail, and if anyone has any tips for getting nail polish marbling to work they want to share, I will love you forever.  Message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook . Happy Making!

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2 thoughts on “Being Creative : How to fail at craft and carry on

  • January 31, 2017 at 1:01 am

    Really agree with you about nurturing creativity in others. I’m really enjoying creating what I’ve been calling ‘self expressive’ art lately. Just having a go as you’ve said and not worrying too much about it being perfect. Am so on the same page!

    • January 31, 2017 at 9:53 am

      Yes! There is is so much expectation on us to be perfect in other aspects of our lives, that we should just try to enjoy the process of making as much as the result.


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