Beaded Bracelet

Create this cute beaded bracelet with your left-over beads! Its the perfect stash-busting project.

Beaded Bracelet DIY

If like me,  you have been making jewellery a while, you probably have lots of left over beads from other projects. Mixing beads of different colours and shapes together can look really great; the trick is to have a common colour palette or tone and then use some smaller beads that complement them to bring it all together.

Beaded Bracelet DIY

You will need:

Beadalon Beading Wire

-Glass Beads, mine are from these Czech glass mixes and some size 10 seed beads

Crimp beads


Jump Rings

-Chain nose pliers and cutters

Optional Wire Guardians

How To:

Beaded Bracelet DIY

1.Cut a length of beading wire about 30cm/12 inches long

2.Thread two crimps  onto the beading wire along with a wire guardian. I use two crimps for extra security- bracelets have to put up with a lot of punishment! Take the tail round the guardian and back through the crimps and squash them using your chain nose pliers. You do this without the wire guardians, just leave a small loop of beading wire instead

3.Start threading on your beads, alternating larger left-over beads with smaller seed beads.

Beaded Bracelet DIY

4.Continue adding beads, remembering to leave room for the other wire guardian and the clasp, they take up more room than you think!

5.Once you have enough beads on, add on two more crimps and the other wire guardian.

6.Bring the beading wire down through the other side of the wire guardian, both crimps and through the first few beads. Squash the crimps.

7.Trim off the excess beading wire.

8. Finish by adding the clasp using a jump ring.

Beaded Bracelet DIY

TIP If you don’t have quite enough beads to go all the way around, use an extension chain to make up the difference!

Beaded Bracelet DIY

I would love to see if you make your own ‘stash-busting’ beaded bracelet and to share it will others, so feel free to comment below, or  message me on TwitterInstagram or Facebook ! Happy Making!

2 thoughts on “Beaded Bracelet

  • 9th August 2018 at 4:58 pm

    Hi–I love this type of bracelet, but I don’t enjoy making them because I can’t figure out how to get the right length. Sounds dumb, I know. HELP!

    • 9th August 2018 at 6:24 pm

      Always remember that the endings and clasp take up more room than you think – measure this how much your choice of clasp and necklace ends take up beforehand so you can factor it in. You can always make it shorter and add an extension chain to get the right length. Emma


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