Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations

Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations DIY

For the last few months I been obsessed with the himmeli style decorations that have been all over Pinterest. Himmeli decorations seem to have originated from Finland, where they threaded string through straw in elaborate geometric patterns to hang above the Christmas dining table. This was meant to ensure that the next years rye crop would be plentiful. It also seems to be popular in other European countries such as Lithuania.

This is my own take on himmeli; perfect to decorate the garden for a summer barbecue!  I decided to mix my geometric and floral trends, mixing floral patterned straws from The Party Ship on Etsy with the geometric diamond shape of himmeli. There are so many types of patterned straws available, that the opportunities are endless.

You will need:
-9 straws (made from cutting 20cm long straws in half, to make finished decorations of approx. 17cm)
-Clear thread like Supplemax 0.25mm (I used a black thread just to make it easier to see in the photographs!)

Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations DIY

1.Cut 3 x 75cm lengths of thread and tie a knot to keep them together.
2.Thread one straw onto each of the three threads.
3.Take another straw and take the left most thread through in one direction, and the thread from the centre straw in the other direction.
4.Do the same on with another straw, this time using the right most and the centre threads. Pull tight to create a flat diamond shape.

Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations DIY

5.Add the next straw by taking the right most thread through it one way, and the left most thread the other.
6.Pull tight to make a 3D shape.
7.Thread one straw onto each of the three threads
8.Tie the threads together in an overhand knot to finish!

Geometric Himmeli Floral Decorations DIY

If you have a go at this project, send me photos! Post on my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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